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You know too well how habitual delinquencies can turn into other major problems for associations. The delinquent payments are either never collected or have to be escalated to a more expensive and time-consuming collection efforts.

By working with Sperlonga, Associations can report homeowners’ assessment payment history to TransUnion or Equifax. This gives the associations the leverage it needs to collect assessment payments on time. 

Your homeowners could get a boost in their credit scores with each on-time payment.


In return, you could:

  • Reduce Delinquencies by as much as 30% and Encourage On-Time Payments
  • Generate Ancillary Income
  • Reward Residents with an Increase in Credit Scores
  • Reduce Time and Resources Spent Chasing Unpaid Assessments

How Sperlonga can help you influence homeowners' payment habits?

Credit reporting is the collection and distribution of credit information by bureaus such as TransUnion and Equifax  that have gained permission to access consumers’ credit reports. 

Credit bureaus provide this information to creditors  like banks, collection agencies, mortgage lenders, and insurance companies, who use it in making financial decisions involving consumers’ creditworthiness and solvency. 

By working with Sperlonga, on-time, skipped, or late payments can be reported to the credit bureaus. If a homeowner pays assessments on time, this will be reported to the credit bureaus. In return, they will get a boost in their credit score. If an owner is late or has defaulted, the HOA can report this to the credit bureaus too.

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Hear it from our Happy Client

"It really has streamlined our efforts, and our attorneys efforts. After 3 years, delinquent accounts are down 68% and we have recovered $288,000 for the associations. I would highly recommend using Sperlonga’s credit reporting."
Robert Phillips
President, GNO Property Management

Video Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. Learn how reporting assessments to the the credit bureaus can help your communities and management company. 

Chris Majerle

Majerle Management, Inc.

Craig Huntington

Pres. of Alliance Association Bank

Kevin O'Leary

Chairman - O'Shares Investments

Robert Phillips

Pres. GNO Property Management

Adam Clark

Excel Association Management

Sheldon Wheeler

President CEO of DANA Properties

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