Homeowners Association Assessment Payments

What is Homeowners Association Assessment Payments

A Homeowners Association (HOA) assessment is a recurring charge to the property owner that covers the costs of common area maintenance. The HOA’s goal is to maintain the property and keep it safe, but with an aging demographic and fewer younger families interested in homeownership, many HOAs find themselves struggling to cover expenses. By working with Sperlonga, these Associations can leverage credit reporting which will provide them with important financial data on homeowners that impacts their creditworthiness. And since most homeowners carry a second mortgage or have equity lines of credit, any missed payments will also impact their ability to borrow money and could even result in foreclosure.

Why Homeowners Association Assessment Payments?

This solution transforms HOA assessments into a credit reporting item of the same interest and importance as other monthly debt obligations. On-time payment improves your credit score, and late payments are treated like any other missed bill payment.

How Sperlonga can help you manage Homeowners Association Assessment Payments

Sperlonga helps homeowners pay their HOA dues on time, just like they would with an auto, mortgage, or credit card. On-time payers see a lift in their credit scores. Late payers are impacted in the same way as not paying their mortgage or credit cards on time.


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