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What We Do

Sperlonga Data offers credit reporting to several industries that traditionally have not had access to submitting payment histories to consumer and business credit bureaus.

What we can do for you?

Sperlonga is on a mission to help millions of Americans achieve financial milestones by building their credit file and increasing their credit scores with each on-time payment they are already making. We do this by helping organizations and communities (e.g., rental, HOAs, auto-financing) report payment history to the credit bureaus so payment obligations are given a priority.


How to Collect Rent After the Covid-19 Crisis

  • Learn how to collect rent if you cannot evict tenants
  • Understand what is Credit-Reporting of Late Payments
  • Learn best practices collecting rent payment on time

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Did You Know?

That you can make extra $50k and reduce your clients delinquencies by 30% in the next 90 days

Press Release

Welcome Birch Boy Resort

Sperlonga welcomes Birch Bay Resort to the Rental Credit Reporting Program!

Welcome Comet Property

Sperlonga is excited to help residents of Comet Property Management’s communities 

Welcome Whitestone

Sperlonga welcomes Whitestone Management to the Rental Payment and 

It’s kind of crazy that anyone pays a bill and doesn't get credit for it. So, what I say is pay your bill, report it and lower your interest expense.Well how do you do this? You have your property management company get with Sperlonga.

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary


How to Solve Financial Problems & HOA Assessment Reporting

  • Learn how to collect HOA Assessments on time
  • Understand how Credit-Reporting incentivizes timely HOA Assessments
  • Learn best practices to collect HOA Assessments on time with Credit-Scoring/Reporting

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One of the few accomplishments that we gained from years of operation.

Over 500 company clients
8 +Report Based Integration
12+ Software Partners
Millions of Doors

Don't just take our word for it.

Our team appreciates the credit reporting solution that Sperlonga provides. Through their credit reporting, our residents are rewarded for on-time payments while late payers experience the consequences. We had a resident who moved out with a large balance and was not communicating with our team; we ended up having to submit the account to collections. After a few months, the resident reached out to our team to submit payment in full around the same time they disputed the account on their credit report. We are certain that the resident would not have paid us had it not been for Sperlonga reporting the account
Trio-Sperlonga Partnership
100 %

Reduction in delinquencies

9 out of 10

consumers get a boost in their credit score

2 out of 3

renters prefer properties with credit reporting amenity.

Our Alliances

Software Partners

We partnered with the best and well-known software brands in our industry for a smooth integration with  clients’ process

Report Based Integration

Sperlonga has also been successfully integrated with these property management Softwares

Over 200 Management Company Partners Representing Millions of Doors

Sperlonga has been successfully integrated with these property management Softwares

If you are not using any software, our system is flexible to accommodate current data management and processes

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