Watch Your NOI Soar Just by Boosting Your Residents’ Credit

Sperlonga Data & Analytics and Freddie Mac’s partnership make it easier for owners and management companies to boost their NOI while helping residents achieve their wealth-building goals through better credit. 

How It Works

Sperlonga Data & Analytics reports on-time rent payments to TransUnion, Experian and Equifax to help renters boost their credit just by paying the largest expense on their monthly budget. If you enroll your Freddie Mac- financed properties in Sperlonga’s rent reporting program, this is at no charge to you and your residents for the first two years.

Sperlonga Data & Analytics Teams Up With Freddie Mac to Boost Credit Building Initiatives

Sperlonga Data & Analytics is pleased to announce a partnership with Freddie Mac Multifamily, aimed at making rent payment reporting an industry standard in property management.

Through this partnership, you can encourage residents to make timely payments to fulfill their rental obligations while building or improving their credit scores. Read more >>

How It Benefits Property Owners, Managers, and Residents

Property Owners

– Incentivize Consistent On-time Rent Payments

– Attract and Retain Credit-Conscious Tenants

– Increase Renter Retention

– Hit ESG Goals


– Boost Credit Scores Without Incurring Additional Debt

– Track Credit Score Increase Over Time

– Open Access to More and Better Credit Products

– Rental Credit Payments Now Used for Mortgage Underwriting

Why is Sperlonga Data and Analytics the Best Choice for Rent Payment Reporting?

No Charge to Properties

and Residents*

We will report positive rent payments at no cost to the property owners, operators, and renters.

Residents are

Automatically Enrolled

Sit back and let us do the work.

Reports to

Three Bureaus

We will report positive rent payments to TransUnion, Equifax and Experian.

Reap the Benefits Without the Added Workload

Works seamlessly with major property management software.

Can be Easily Added to Your Tech Stack

You can enroll in just the Rent Reporting program or add more features as you see fit.

Get Consumer Disputes Off Your Back

Our dedicated team handles consumer disputes on credit reporting, so you don’t have to.

Roll Out with Confidence

Get the most impact from the program with our marketing materials and guidance on roll-out best practices.

Monitor Program Performance

A monthly performance report is provided to track the program’s impact on your collections.

Be Guided by a Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated Account Manager to confirm and submit your resident payment data, guide you on new features, answer your team’s questions and provide performance reports.

*This offer is valid only for Freddie Mac-financed properties enrolled in Sperlonga Data & Analytics’s Rent Payment Reporting Program no later than December 31, 2023.

Don't Just Take Our Word for it

Our team appreciates the credit reporting solution that Sperlonga provides. Through their credit reporting, our residents are rewarded for on-time payments while late payers experience the consequences. We had a resident who moved out with a large balance and was not communicating with our team; we ended up having to submit the account to collections. After a few months, the resident reached out to our team to submit payment in full around the same time they disputed the account on their credit report. We are certain that the resident would not have paid us had it not been for Sperlonga reporting the account.
Amber Duke
Senior Portfolio Performance Specialist, Trio Residential

Frequently Asked Questions

Properties financed by Freddie Mac can enroll to Sperlonga Data & Analytics Rent Payment Reporting at No Cost for the first year. Non-Freddie Mac-financed properties can also be added for an additional fee
Residents are automatically enrolled in the program unless they opt-out.
No, we will only report positive rent payments under this program.
They will be removed from the program to reduce impact to their credit scores.
Yes, you will need to report all residents in a property.

Check if your property qualifies for this program.