Sperlonga Welcomes Samsa Management to the Rental Reporting Program

This partnership shows Samsa’s commitment to help tenants achieve favorable financial terms with higher credit scores. Sperlonga’s partnership with Samsa Management rewards their on-time paying tenants with a boost to their credit scores. Higher credit scores will result in more favorable terms for tenants, such as better interest rates or even the ability to apply for a new car or home ownership.


The benefit and impact to credit scores make rent reporting an effective and more proactive system in motivating on-time rent payments and discouraging the alternative.  This could help the property management company and landlords in preventing a more expensive and time-consuming eviction or collection post-move-out process. 


Sperlonga Data & Analytics is the industry expert in credit reporting. Contact our credit reporting experts today and learn how Rent Reporting works for your property. Contact us at [email protected] or through this page.