Get Unpaid Rent from Residents Who Have Moved Out with Rent Reporting

Are you struggling with renters who left behind unpaid rent? Did you know that you can use rent payment reporting as a powerful leverage to get them to pay you, even after they have moved out?

Here’s how it works while they’re still tenants: Report both on-time and late payments to the credit bureaus. This not only motivates timely payments but also offers your renters a chance to build or boost their credit scores — a win for both parties!

But what happens after they leave? Approximately 81% of landlords and property managers encounter difficulties in collecting unpaid rent from former tenants.

By enrolling to a Rent Payment Reporting program, you can report past renters for up to almost seven years from the first missed payment. This has been proven effective in making previous tenants accountable for their outstanding rent.

Don’t be part of the 81% struggling with post-move-out collections. Learn how this Rent Payment Reporting solution can transform your property management by ensuring residents fulfill their rent obligations.

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