Sperlonga Welcomes MK Management to the Rental Payment Reporting Program

We are thrilled to announce that MK Management has joined our continuously growing network of Rent Payment Reporting clients.

This partnership empowers residents of properties managed by MK Management to unlock greater financial opportunities and achieve their goals by improving their credit scores. Through this collaboration, residents who consistently pay their rent on time could boost their credit scores, allowing them to enhance their creditworthiness and gain access to more favorable credit terms and opportunities.

By reporting rent payments to the credit bureaus, MK Management can gain several advantages as a property management company. This includes more on-time and full rent payments, which in turn leads to increased net operating income for property owners and managers.

Additionally, this partnership allows MK Management to effectively attract and retain credit-conscious tenants, reducing the likelihood of encountering problematic tenants and minimizing expenses associated with unpaid rent collection. Ultimately, this collaboration ensures financial success for both property owners and residents alike.

Learn about how you can leverage rental payment and credit reporting to the credit bureaus in managing the NOI of your rental property. Contact us today at [email protected] or 818-200-0530.