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Sperlonga is on a mission to provide wider access of credit to Americans. Adding more data to consumers’ credit profiles provides greater transparency to lenders, employers, landlords, and many others that can have a profound effect on employment, interest rates, rent amounts or acceptance and more. This in turn leads to lower rates on just about anything people buy on credit.

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We strive to go above and beyond for our clients no matter the challenge. We aim to deliver our very best work every single day across our services.

About Our Company

Sperlonga Data offers credit reporting to several industries that traditionally have not had access to submitting payment histories to consumer and business credit bureaus..

Matt Martin

Founder and CEO


Matt is a serial entrepreneur, starting, buying, integrating, and selling various businesses in several different industries. Matt saw the need for industries not utilizing credit reporting to be offered this powerful solution and formed Sperlonga Data & Analytics.

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Meet Our Core Team

Background – Dawn is a certified IT specialist in operations, project management, networks, SQL databases, website development, and technical support. Her job is to direct operations as well as expand our product offerings which includes onboarding new clients, integrating new software partners, and ensuring an excellent client experience.
Dawn Irion
Dawn Irion
Director, Operations & Prod Development
Background - Elda currently manages the Consumer Relations department and oversees the day to day handling of disputes and calls. Before joining Sperlonga Data & Analytics, Elda was the Consumer Relations Manager at TransUnion credit reporting agency. Throughout 17 years career at TransUnion, she managed several Special Handling Investigations teams
Elda Gonzalez
Consumer Relations Manager
Background – Rebecca’s background is in credit reporting even before joining Sperlonga. Her role right now fits well with her expertise. Background – Rebecca’s background is in credit reporting even before joining Sperlonga. Her role right now fits well with her expertise.
Rebecca Bright
Data and Software Integrations Analyst
Background - Graduated from one of the most prestigious University in Asia, before Joining Sperlonga, she led the Digital Marketing Team of some of the biggest multinational companies in the Philippines. Her Core Expertise is Digital Conversion
Janine Caparos Digital Marketing Manager at Sperlonga
Janine Caparos
Digital Marketing Manager

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A lot of management companies I am speaking with are very happy with the service of sperlonga
Craig Huntington
President of Alliance Association Bank

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Chris Majerle

Majerle Management, Inc.

Craig Huntington

Pres. of Alliance Association Bank

Kevin O'Leary

Chairman - O'Shares Investments

Robert Phillips

Pres. GNO Property Management

Adam Clark

Excel Association Management

Sheldon Wheeler

President CEO of DANA Properties

“Sperlonga helps you to reduce your interests expense by making you have a higher credit score .”

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary

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Our team appreciates the credit reporting solution that Sperlonga provides. Through their credit reporting, our residents are rewarded for on-time payments while late payers experience the consequences. We had a resident who moved out with a large balance and was not communicating with our team; we ended up having to submit the account to collections. After a few months, the resident reached out to our team to submit payment in full around the same time they disputed the account on their credit report. We are certain that the resident would not have paid us had it not been for Sperlonga reporting the account
- www.thinktrio.com
Trio-Sperlonga Partnership