Sperlonga is Happy to Welcome ACRI Commercial Realty, Inc. as its Newest Assessment Payment Reporting Client


Sperlonga Data & Analytics is delighted to announce the addition of ACRI Commercial Realty, Inc. to its Assessment Reporting Program, an innovative solution that enables HOAs to report their assessment payments history to credit bureaus. This shows ACRI’s commitment to helping their communities improve their financial standing.  


Under Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), it is legal to report accurate payment information. Reporting payment to the credit bureaus makes collection more proactive. When homeowners know that their assessment payments are being reported, this increases accountability among reporting communities. Credit reporting has been proven to decrease assessment delinquencies by as much as 30%. In return, the HOAs will have available funds they need to maintain and improve the properties without relying so much on special assessments. 


When everyone in the community does what’s expected of them, the homeowners would not need to worry about not having enough funds to maintain or improve their properties’ values. Also, with a lower delinquency rate, time and funds can be spent on valuable community improvement projects than chasing late payers. 


Reach out to [email protected] or visit this link https://sperlongadata.com/contact-support-sperlonga/ to schedule a free consultation today.