Sperlonga welcomes Green Management to the Rental Payment Reporting Program

We are thrilled to announce that Green Management has joined our continuously growing network of Rent Payment Reporting clients.

This partnership empowers residents at Green Management to unlock enhanced financial opportunities and achieve their goals through improved credit scores. Through this, residents at Green Management will be rewarded for their on-time rent payments with a credit score boost. This incentive will help residents enhance their creditworthiness, leading to more favorable credit terms and opportunities.

Not only does this collaboration benefit residents, but it also offers advantages to landlords and property managers. By reporting rent payments to the credit bureaus, Green Management can ensure a higher rate of on-time and full rent payments, resulting in increased net operating income for property owners and managers. Having this amenity enables property management companies to effectively attract and retain credit-conscious tenants, leading to a reduced likelihood of encountering problematic tenants and incurring expenses on unpaid rent collection.

Rent payment reporting to the credit bureaus has never been this easy. Learn about how you can leverage rental payment and credit reporting to the credit bureaus in managing the NOI of your rental property. Contact us today at [email protected] or 818-200-0530.