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Auto Finance Credit reporting
Auto finance credit reporting Sperlonga
About Auto finance

Auto finance credit reporting

Auto finance credit reporting is an improved method of getting borrowers on track with their finances. Sperlonga’s product allows you to see how your dealerships are performing in terms of their payment history and other financial obligations. You can use this data to tailor a program based on the performance of your business and to provide an incentive for the successful completion of these objectives.

About Rental Credit Reporting

Rental Payment Reporting

Increase revenue and make tenants happier by reporting rent payments to the credit bureaus through Sperlonga. Credit report rent payment histories just like banks report consumer loan or credit card payments. This gives owners and property management companies a leverage that motivates tenants to consistently pay on time.

Homeowners Association Assessment Payments
HOA Sperlonga
About HOA Assessment Payments Reporting

HOA Assessment Payment Reporting

You know too well how habitual delinquencies can turn into other major problems for associations. The delinquent payments are either never collected or have to be escalated to a more expensive and time-consuming collection efforts. By working with Sperlonga, Associations can report homeowners' assessment payment history to TransUnion or Equifax. This gives the associations the leverage it needs to collect assessment payments on time.

Matt Martin

Founder and CEO


Matt is a serial entrepreneur, starting, buying, integrating, and selling various businesses in several different industries. Matt saw the need for industries not utilizing credit reporting to be offered this powerful solution and formed Sperlonga Data & Analytics.

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Meet Our Core Team

Background – Dawn is a certified IT specialist in operations, project management, networks, SQL databases, website development, and technical support. Her job is to direct operations as well as expand our product offerings which includes onboarding new clients, integrating new software partners, and ensuring an excellent client experience.
Dawn Irion
Dawn Irion
Director, Operations & Prod Development
Background - Elda currently manages the Consumer Relations department and oversees the day to day handling of disputes and calls. Before joining Sperlonga Data & Analytics, Elda was the Consumer Relations Manager at TransUnion credit reporting agency. Throughout 17 years career at TransUnion, she managed several Special Handling Investigations teams
Elda Gonzalez
Consumer Relations Manager
Background – Rebecca’s background is in credit reporting even before joining Sperlonga. Her role right now fits well with her expertise. Background – Rebecca’s background is in credit reporting even before joining Sperlonga. Her role right now fits well with her expertise.
Rebecca Bright
Data and Software Integrations Analyst
Background - Graduated from one of the most prestigious University in Asia, before Joining Sperlonga, she led the Digital Marketing Team of some of the biggest multinational companies in the Philippines. Her Core Expertise is Digital Conversion
Janine Caparos Digital Marketing Manager at Sperlonga
Janine Caparos
Digital Marketing Manager
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