Assessment Credit Reporting – Easy as 1-2-3!

Sperlonga’s association assessment credit reporting is quickly becoming the gold standard in financial management for the community association industry.

Sperlonga – Assessment Credit Reporting Overview

Sperlonga empowers non-traditional creditors and debt owners by aggregating and facilitating the reporting of alternative credit payment history each month to credit bureaus.

We offer a proactive solution that can help improve the financial health of homeowner associations, multifamily property owners, timeshares, and self-storage businesses.

As a full service data aggregator, our service reduces delinquencies, improves cash flow, positively impacts credit scores, and equalizes the importance of alternative credit and debt payments.

Video Transcript:

Sperlonga has tied the assessment payment to the individual homeowners credit score. We report monthly both the timely payment and delinquent payment status and account balance to a credit agency partner Equifax. In short, we have elevated the assessment payment priority to that of the credit card, auto and mortgage payments, thus making the assessment payment matter.

Sperlonga has already shown some incredible statistics. The service is reducing delinquent balances by almost 5% per month, along with reducing chronic late payers. People who have been two, three and even six months late are paying on time. Those are great results.

Elevating the assessment payment not only helps the HOA, but it helps the homeowner. Thanks to Sperlonga’s HOA credit reporting, community associations now have a way to protect their associations financial health and property values.

Do you want to get started? Here’s how:

Step 1: The HOA or its management company engages Sperlonga.

Step 2: Sperlonga connects with the association or management company’s software system.

Step 3: Sperlonga reports to the credit bureau each month.

This proactive solution offered by Sperlonga can be a win-win-win situation for the homeowners, the association and even your management company. Talk to Sperlonga and find out how your association can reap the benefits of this powerful service. Go to HOAcreditreporting.com (now www.SperlongaData.com) and schedule a webinar or call 844-652-4972 (now 818-200-0530) and ask for the sales director in your area.