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Boost Tenants’ Credit Scores

Increase revenue and make tenants happier by reporting rent payments to the credit bureaus through Sperlonga.

Credit report rent payment histories just like banks report consumer loan or credit card payments.

Your tenants get a boost in their credit scores with each on-time payment. In return, you could:

Reduce Delinquencies and Encourage On-Time Payments

Generate Ancillary Income

Reward Residents with an Increase in Credit Scores

Attract and Retain More Responsible, Credit Conscious Tenants

Reduce Evictions Credit Conscious Tenants

Reduce Time and Resources Spent Chasing Unpaid Rent

Hundreds of property management companies and thousands of properties across the US have easily integrated Sperlonga’s Credit Reporting Service into their monthly process with virtually no change in their day-to-day operations

Use your current payment or property management system ​

Consumer dispute team handles disputes in accordance to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)​

Marketing support is provided in the roll out of the program to landlords and tenants

Rental Credit Reporting: Happy Landlords, Happy Tenants

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Amazing Results

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"Our team appreciates the credit reporting solution that Sperlonga provides. Through their credit reporting, our residents are rewarded for on-time payments while late payers experience the consequences. We had a resident who moved out with a large balance and was not communicating with our team; we ended up having to submit the account to collections. After a few months, the resident reached out to our team to submit payment in full around the same time they disputed the account on their credit report. We are certain that the resident would not have paid us had it not been for Sperlonga reporting the account."
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Reward Your Tenants. Reap the Benefits.

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