The High Cost of the Lien Process


In 2022 HOA management companies assessed

2.3 times more Late Fees

7.8 times more Interest            

2.8 times more Legal Fees

On accounts where they had to place liens

*Estimated 2022 cost of extra fees assessed on homes with a lien

  • Over 50% of all homeowners in the United States reside in an HOA.

  • 82.4 % of new homes sold in 2021 are subject to a Homeowner’s Association and associated dues.

  • Approximately 10% of all homeowners in HOAs are currently past due for assessment dues.

  • Historically, HOAs and their management companies have attempted to motivate payment through liens.

Ensuring Compliance . Protecting Real Property

SPERLONGA DATA AND ANALYTICS SYSTEMS LLC (‘SPERLONGA”) offers association payment verification services for mortgage servicers and banks throughout the United States. Compliance with association obligations is an important part of home ownership and is required by the terms of the mortgage used to purchase the home that is situated within the association. Mortgage servicers have an interest in up-to-date information regarding the mortgagee’s compliance with association obligations related to the home upon which the mortgagor holds a lien.


Sperlonga’s HOA Tracking service regularly receives updates about homeowner compliance to their HOA obligations and reports that information back to mortgage servicers well in advance of the lien process. 

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