Rental Credit Reporting

Make Rent Payments the Priority.

Boost Tenants’ Credit Scores.

What is Rental Credit Reporting

Increase revenue and make tenants happier by reporting rent payments to the credit bureaus through Sperlonga. Report rent payment histories just like how banks report consumer loan or credit card payments. 

Your tenants get a boost in their credit scores with each on-time payment.


In return, you could:

  • Reduce Delinquencies and Encourage On-Time Payments
  • Generate Ancillary Income
  • Reward Residents with an Increase in Credit Scores
  • Attract and Retain More Responsible, Credit Conscious Tenants
  • Reduce Evictions
  • Reduce Time and Resources Spent Chasing Unpaid Rent

Why hundreds of property management companies and landlords chose Sperlonga?

Hundreds of property management companies and thousands of properties across the US have easily integrated Sperlonga’s Credit Reporting Service into their monthly process with virtually no change in their day-to-day operations.


  • Use your current payment or property management process​
  • Consumer dispute team handles disputes in accordance to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)​
  • Marketing support is provided in the roll out of the program to landlords and tenants


How to Collect Rent After the Covid-19 Crisis

  • Learn how to collect rent if you cannot evict tenants
  • Understand what is Credit-Reporting of Late Payments
  • Learn best practices collecting rent payment on time

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Our Alliances

Software Partners

We partnered with the best and well-known software brands in our industry for a smooth integration with  clients’ process. This allows credit reporting to virtually have no impact to day-to-day operations. 

Report Based Integration

Sperlonga has also been successfully integrated with these property management Softwares making data transfer very seamless. 

Over 200 Management Company Partners Representing Millions of Doors

Sperlonga has been successfully integrated with these property management Softwares

If you are not using any software, our system is flexible to accommodate current data management and processes


Hear from our Industry Expert

A lot of management companies I am speaking with are very happy with the service of sperlonga
Craig Huntington
President of Alliance Association Bank

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Majerle Management, Inc.

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Pres. of Alliance Association Bank

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