Make sure that the debts you own are credit reported just like a mortgage, credit card, or auto payment by partnering with Sperlonga today.

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Make sure that the debts accounts you own are credit reported just like a mortgage, credit card, or auto payment by partnering with Sperlonga today.

Why Sperlonga?

Sperlonga is on a mission to simplify and improve the Accounts Receivables process for multiple industries. We provide access to the same credit reporting technology used by multi-billion dollar financial institutions to streamline cash flow, reduce delinquencies, and manage risk for organizations. By providing an immediate mechanism when payments are due, there is an incentive to pay on time. Timely payments will result in positive remarks to individuals Credit Report. Late payments will result in negative remarks to an individuals Credit Report.

Leverage the same tool used by all major financial companies
Increase cash flow
Lower Delinquencies
Reduce time & cost on collections
Help rebuild client credit with positive points
Risk free financial guarantee
Fully integrated with major software platforms
Completely automated data processing & reporting
Sperlonga’s dedicated support manages all consumer inquiries

Assessment Credit Reporting Overview

Sperlonga empowers HOAs and HOA management companies by aggregating and facilitating the reporting of assessment payment history each month to credit bureaus. We offer a proactive solution that can help improve the financial health of homeowner associations or any other managed community of owned properties.

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Our Happy Clients!

Our team appreciates the credit reporting solution that Sperlonga provides. Through their credit reporting, our residents are rewarded for on-time payments while late payers experience the consequences. We had a resident who moved out with a large balance and was not communicating with our team; we ended up having to submit the account to collections. After a few months, the resident reached out to our team to submit payment in full around the same time they disputed the account on their credit report. We are certain that the resident would not have paid us had it not been for Sperlonga reporting the account
Trio-Sperlonga Partnership

Delinquency Reduction Now as Easy as 1-2-3

Rental Credit Reporting: A Win-Win for Everyone

Are you a property manager, landlord or real estate investor? Raise your cash flow and your tenants’ credit scores using the 3 Rs:

Report – Report rental payments to the credit bureaus.

Reduce – Reduce Delinquencies.

Raise – Raise Credit Scores It’s a win-win for everyone.

To learn more. Click the link for the video.

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