Sperlonga empowers non-traditional creditors and debt owners by aggregating and facilitating the reporting of alternative credit payment history to the credit bureaus

“We saw a 15-18% increase in on-time payments immediately following notice to our homeowners and an average of 32% improvement in A/R balances for HOA Boards who’ve signed on.”

Shandron Pemberton - President and CEO of PO Solutions, Inc

Reporting association assessment payments to the Credit Bureaus: How The HOA and the Property Owner Benefits

Timely payment will have
a positive impact on credit

More protection of
property values

Limit assessment
increases and special

Improves access to association loans

Reporting rental payments to Credit Bureaus benefits the tenant and property owners.

Owners have more leverage to prevent tenant delinquencies

Helps tenants build credit and improve credit scores

Helps tenants reduce their finance cost for loans, credit cards, and furniture rentals

Access to an industry-standard financial and payment management tool

Reporting timeshare maintenance assessments benefits the timeshare owner and the timeshare property

Decreases delinquent maintenance payments

Builds the maintenance reserves for the timeshare

Increases to credit scores for the timeshare owners

Reduces or eliminates increases in annual maintenance assessments

Reporting self-storage payments to the credit bureaus benefits the consumer and the self-storage industry

Helps consumers build credit and increase credit scores

Makes the self-storage payment as important as other consumer debt payments

Decreases delinquent payments and improve cash flow

Negative remarks can last on credit report for up to 7 years

The Sperlonga Solution

Sperlonga empowers non-traditional creditors and debt owners by aggregating and facilitating the reporting of alternative credit payment history each month to credit bureaus. We offer a proactive solution that can help improve the financial health of homeowner associations, multifamily property owners, timeshares, and self-storage businesses. As a full service data aggregator, our service reduces delinquencies, improves cash flow, positively impacts credit scores, and equalizes the importance of alternative credit and debt payments.

By leveraging Sperlonga’s robust technology, our partners have a solution to help improve the financial health of their organizations, reward consumers that pay on time, help consumers build credit, and protect asset value.

Sperlonga facilitates all consumer inquiries and disputes related to the reporting of these non-traditional credit and debt accounts through its dispute resolution service center. We administer all communications and correspondence with the client so that our partners do not have to commit additional resources or worry about consumer inquiries or disputes.

Sperlonga’s mission is to continue to aggregate and build the largest and most dynamic non-traditional payment reporting solution. This is accomplished by using our multi-million dollar proprietary data application to report non-traditional credit or debt payments to the credit bureaus. Since our data application is dynamic, it can be customized to accommodate the unique payment and delinquency policies of any type of non-traditional credit or debt organization.

  • Streamlined processes to improve cash flow and leverage the reporting of non-traditional payment data

    Community Association Assessment Payments

    Home Owners Association - Old Way
    Home Owners Association - New Way

    Rental Payments

    Rental Payments - Old Way
    Rental Payments - New Way

    Timeshare Maintenance Fee and Finance Payments

    Timeshare - Old Way
    Timeshare - New Way

    Self-Storage Rental Payments

    Self-Storage - Old Way
    Self-Storage - New Way

About Sperlonga

The Sperlonga History and Mission

Sperlonga was founded in April of 2011 with the goal of developing a data aggregation technology platform that compiles, transforms and delivers non-traditional payment and account data to the traditional credit ecosystem. Since the non-traditional credit industries are very fragmented and a uniform data format standard does not exist, Sperlonga had to develop a technology that could integrate with various platforms to extract data in various formats and then transform the data into a format that is acceptable to the credit bureau industry. All payment and account data is stored encrypted at rest and the operating data is stored on a Microsoft Azure platform which is compliant up to SOC level 3.

One mission objective that was established during the early days of Sperlonga was to create a technology that could serve as a financial management tool that non-traditional credit providers can utilize to transform the way they manage cash flows and accelerate their growth. Another mission objective Sperlonga had from the outset was to be consumer focused and contribute toward rewarding consumers who pay their non-traditional credit and debt obligations on time with a positive impacts to their credit scores that were not possible prior to offering our service.


Our Executive Team